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The ReadySet


"The ReadySet"  noun  In a given population, the sample of participants who are prepared.


Solving Problems

Originally created to solve a field services problem, our custom-built, one-off application began its evolution when a colleague asked if it could be re-purposed for other business units. "Sure", we said. "Why not?"... and off we went.

Our mission is to engage, reinforce and support geographically dispersed hourly staff more efficiently and effectively. Our limiting parameters are that we cannot add to the working overhead of our departmental users (primarily HR, Operations and Compliance) and that the application must run at a fraction of the cost of full-featured (read: bloated) content management systems and staff performance apps. In other words: we have to be engaging and easy to use while also being inexpensive to deploy and operate on an ongoing basis. 


Bearing in mind the requirements of our users and customers, we upgraded the custom, limited application we originally built to a robust, flexible-case platform that we use to internally craft and deliver customer-specific content. This allows us to serve our stakeholders in the following ways:

  1. Front line Staff: Receives company-specific content daily. The application communicates, reinforces and supports the training and operating objectives of the firm.
  2. Department Heads: ReadySet builds the content so our department customers never face distractions from "just another application" they feel forced to use.
  3. CFOs: We're value-oriented and inexpensive to deploy and maintain. We can accomplish multiple objectives inexpensively for a staff segment that doesn't typically justify high individual investment costs.


We call Version 2 of the application: HuddleUp.

I love HuddleUp because it refreshes my memory and helps me keep up with the new things that are happening.
— Money Center CSR

HuddleUp targets geographically disperse, multi-user teams working on embedded local systems. These "downstream" users experience HuddleUp through a simple, efficient User Interface (UI) utilizing a guided journey format. The application employs a secure, low bandwidth network design that pushes daily messaging and operations reinforcement from firm to field.

When working in concert with a well-designed Learning Management System (LMS), we find that HuddleUp contributes to: 

  1. higher tenure/lower turnover rates,
  2. improvements in regulatory compliance, and
  3. higher morale/increased productivity


If your organization employs lightly-skilled workers operating in team-oriented, regulated, customer-facing remote environments, HuddleUp is the value-oriented complement to your LMS and operations management initiatives. 

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